Your Purpose Begins With You!


Remember today that your vision is part of your destiny. Don’t try to “drag” others into supporting you. Get started and watch purpose “drop” divine connections in your path! 

This is very real for me!

Your vision, dreams and plans coming directly from your place within belong to you.  Along that path, people will divinely come around us to assist us, to be a part of us, only for a season.  We have to learn to determine who belongs where, for what purpose and most importantly, when the season has come to an end.  Even in growing up, there is a time when our parents or those who raised us are there for our growth and development.  Soon that season comes to an end and we are to learn how to function as adults and soon be of help to our parents.  The worst thing that we can do is try to make someone understand our most inner desires and try to convince them that they should take part.  It could end up in major disappointment, anger and hurt.  I went through a time of trying to push those who really did not see my vision or want the same things that I did into wanting to partner with me.  It was such a stressful time that I had trying to figure out what in the world was wrong with these people.  Don’t you see what I see?!  Soon, I received my answer by those who were trying to push me into their vision.  I had no desire, no clue or belief that my connection to them was for this particular project.  So in my own pain, I realized what I was doing to others.  Also, when you are trying to place people within your destiny plan, you will find that everything is on hold.

With the right people, temperature and season, you are rolling into success in every area of your life!  A friend of mines said something to me that made so much sense during a conversation. All it takes is one little thing to change our lives in a big way.  That “way” being good or bad is up to us!

Take time today to reevaluate what visions and dreams you have handed over to others.  Your frustration and disappointment is there because the excitement and drive that you hoped someone else would have is not there.  It is because that drive begins in you!


The image I chose is that of Maya Angelou I chose not to say “late” because her words are always current in our minds and hearts!

Living in Abundance; Mind, Body and Soul

Don’t let people and circumstances talk you or take you out of your destiny. Leave foolishness out of your area of peace and harmony today. It’s called abundant living and is waiting for you to receive it; already been paid for!

What a big one! I am sure that you have had people come into your life that seemed to always show you the reasons why you should not be successful in the things that you want out of life. There are also circumstances that happen to us that were not planned out, at least by us. All these things add up to us becoming empowered for change. If you have someone or a group of people that always seem to lead you in another direction, unfortunately, it’s time to let them go. I say unfortunately because it may be a sensitive subject for you. What I really want to say is run as fast as you can. Dream killers come in all sorts of disguises, masked as family members, friends, even significant others.   Examples of some circumstances can be loss of employment, failed relationships, so forth. Those things that pull at the heart that can make you hesitate in moving forward. At one point, we all begin to realize that the older and wiser we get, it is a waste of time to try to fix broken things.   We have to seek after new and improved things that bring us happiness and joy.

There is a place in the spirit that holds a promise of abundant life.   When I offered this post, I found my place in a “Proud” moment when I dismissed a ridicules matter out of my life as soon as I realized what was happening. That showed me a level of my own maturity, being unafraid of change or being rejected later. I do not apologize for making my own changes in my world. We can waste so much time on things that don’t matter. Move on today and let go of that which does not belong in your space. You will know it; it just does not look like you!