Overcoming The Fear Of Success!

In 2009, I wrote an article  entitled  “Over Coming The Fear of Success”.   The topic was from my own spirit; dealing with what was going on inside of me.  My first book had not been released, I was not on major public platforms; i was simply trying to find myself.  It has been to date one of my most popular submissions.  Anytime we are beginning a new level in life, it may come with a bit of fear.  Big and new adventures comes with a price, which includes more of an attraction to who you are and even your past.  For me, it was a major goal to over come this fear so that I could move out and help others.  The article has been shared throughout the United States, India, Africa and more!  I am still excited about this article and reference it for myself and others often.  Please enjoy!


You may wonder who on earth could be afraid of being successful. Many more that you can imagine. In my workshops, we find that most, who thought they were not afraid, really were. They soon find out that procrastination has become their best friend because of fear.

Part of your healing process for success means that you will have to move past your doubts about yourself. When you have been put in a position to stop believing in yourself, fear sets in and you find yourself living within your comfort zone. Moving out of that zone or box in the only way to real success. Fear of failure has been put in many of us since we were in our childhood. This too must be a daily challenge that you give yourself to succeed.
While preparing your daily goal list, it is very important to include things that you never accomplished and were hesitant to do because of your fears. It is much easier to sit in a bad or stagnant place rather than to move ahead. In a place of complacency, you will find that there will be many others there to root you on. These are usually people who not only are satisfied because you joined them, but they are extremely happy to keep you there. So your feelings of non-support are valid. You will talk together about your goals and dreams. Your relationship is guaranteed to change after you leave the nest of do nothing to having as little as one goal achieved. Another benefit of the comfort zone is that, in there, you can collect words of pity that are comforting when fear is around. When you succeed, not only do you forfeit those comforting words, but you have to step up to the plate as one that is doing something good and accomplishing his/her goals. That puts you on “front – street”. People will recognize that you are doing something with your life and start to pay attention to you in a different manner. The very thought makes people sick to their stomachs! Never the less, you have to suck it up and keep moving if you ever want to see positive success in your life.

The fear of success has caused many throughout the years ignore the call for greatness and move into the valley of mediocre. Success stories are built on what failed first. The key is understanding that you will fall and THEN get back up again. You are positioned for power when mistakes or pitfalls are in your life. Getting out is what makes you stand out and gain control of that particular circumstance. Be honest to yourself about the temporary failure. If it was you, change it. If it was someone else, change it. There are a million and one reasons that your first plan may not work, but do not let it be that you were afraid to make a mark in your lifetime. It is also important to remember that walking the road to success does mean that your life will change. Those areas in your life that were set up for convenience and comfort will probably have to be given up.

There are many men and women that I speak to that have had to receive public assistance in some form. Many will tell you that when it became time to give up the help, they could not do it. There was a fear that without it they could not live. What they failed to see is that it was time to move on because their life had turned for the better. The same fears come into personal relationships. I will always remember a conversation I had with a young lady who told me she chose to be in emotional bondage with a man that abused her rather than to be with a good man that adored her. Her very statement was that it is “easier to except the underdog”. To go with the professional, God fearing man would mean that she would have to face her giants and she was not ready for that.

What dreams of success do you have that are drowned out by fear? While setting my goals for my business this year, my accomplishments were made by facing what scared me the most. Moving in my fear made me a stronger person first in my personal life then to others who are now looking to me for solutions. I am no longer afraid of success; I am afraid of not being successful.