Love Begins With Me!

A huge smoke screen in your destiny is making your life your last priority. Love on you today, that is your  door  to real happiness and joy!  It is part of your destiny plan!  

Learning to love yourself and being committed to the person that you are is very important to your daily life. If you are making yourself the last important person on your list, you are considered an “A” personality and you are walking on a road of possible emotional destruction.  First, you will find yourself neglected in areas that mean a lot to you.  Making yourself angry and discouraged that nothing is working for you and everyone has forgotten you.  Not the case at all, you forgot you.  As long as you allow this to be your purpose of life, you will not achieve your own personal goals.  Am I saying do not be good to others?  Absolutely not!  Your blessings are tied into your love of community and mankind. What I am saying is that you are not to always put others before your own love of life and seeking who you are for yourself.  You will look up and your life will pass you by.  Years later you will find yourself being bitter and feeling like you have gotten old and tired with nothing accomplished.  Learn today to balance, and make good choices regarding your assignments and others in your life.  One daily confession that I truly embrace and share with others is that “I will learn to love me and be committed to me first then everything else will matter.”

I Love Me!  From my 2nd Chance Living Workshop:By making this decree, you are allowing positive energy and attracting great situations to occur in your life. Never think that you’re living your life for nothing. Every moment things are changing your world, so use them it wisely and respect yourself. Our lives does not rely on one person. We think ‘If I do this, he/she will like me.‘  We miss them, yearn for their love, and even waste birthday, valentine, miss you wishes on them. In order to love someone, you must love yourself.

Until next time, allow your love to shine through your world!  You are very important to us..without you, there is a missing link.  It does not matter who did not love you, it matters who you love!  At the end of all things, all that will matter is the love that is in your heart.  You have to learn to love yourself, forgive and allow love to flow through your veins!



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Dr. Karen