December, Moments of Reflection

We are in December; focus on your New Year now! Goals set are Goals met! Remember to focus on your purpose, when you do, you will see the positive results. You don’t have to chase it, its waiting for you to catch up. When you are in it…it can’t stop unless you do! Set your standards within your destiny plan and dominate your space!


This post was a favorite of my daughter. At this time of the year, everyone is waiting for that magic day of making the New Year Resolutions that never ever come to pass.  Most are able to get away with making false promises to ourselves every year and feel content with the fact that they don’t happen because everyone else seemed to fail as well.  It is time to take yourself out of that habit.  If you would like to have a healthier new year, face the fact of why and what it will take for you to reach that goal. If you would like to quit smoking, there are commercials on Television everyday looking as if non smoking is the new glamour life.  Call a number, contact your Dr. and get going.  Want to lose weight, stop overeating today and call the gym now..or at least right after you finish this paragraph.  When you begin to make positive goals, attainable goals and see them manifest one after the other, you will feel so great!  Attainable goals are within you already.  You don’t even have to think a long time to create them.  Things as simple as organizing your closet, a makeover, a wardrobe change.  I can hear someone now saying “I don’t have money for a wardrobe change or makeover”!   Who said it took money, it takes time and belief.  Go to your closet, get something out like a scarf or neck-tie and make it look different than it did before.  “Change”.  What will then happen is that you will seek after things to change and grow with and the opportunities will grow with your budget, not someone else’s.  Most of us don’t seize the moment because of money or the lack of.  Its possible to create a lot of changes in your life without the immediate budget.  Start where you are and know that your moment of success if right there.  It does not cost you anything to write down an idea, research a business, or to begin to outline your desires. An important fact to remember is that what is for you is for you.  It never has to be chased, just claimed.  You will recognize it because it looks just like you.  Now, remember you don’t have to chase anything that belongs to you.  God already has a plan for your life.  Focus and decide within yourself that your life is already good!  Those good things you will see once you become divinely focused.  That is the focus that starts within your very spirit and then shows up on the outside.  It will take some changing and growing and even some separation.  The final results are going to cause you to win every time.