Remember Who You Are!

Recently, I had a conversation with an individual whose intent was to sway me to their direction of leadership.  The words began with encouragement, compliments of my skill and how my time with them would possibly open a door to a major connection, even a job offer. After she finished, I politely thanked her and said perhaps you’ll meet someone soon who is looking for that chance. In my mind, I knew I’d already been where she wanted me to go and mentally my plans are already set for what is to come, even in the next 30 days. She did not fully understand the reason she met me where I sat, which was in a position to assist someone through in a transition. I did though have to make sure I understood that if I sat in that place longer than the season of intent, I would compromise my own personal goals for this year. Later in the day,  I shared with my son what was said to me. He asked if I were considering the offer, without hesitation I said “no”, because what she said, I already knew about myself. It was up to me not to forget where I am going.  If I’d not had a daily exercise of believing in me, I am sure I would have felt differently. While waiting, I continue to look at and update my Personal Plan.  At the point of your next success, you can experience what feels like the lowest times, hard to make sound decisions, or just a time to pause, listen and prepare. During those moments of development and preparation, always be careful that you do not undermine who you are and what is yours.  You cannot go backwards, just smile, stick and stay. There is power in self-affirmation. If you have already talked to yourself about you, then what comes next is either confirmation; or not. Be healthy and empowered by who you are called to be in your life. Your destiny depends on you!