Positioned For Change

A friend and I had a conversation about being Tired of being Tired. That’s the time you begin to feeling helpless and like nothing is working for you and you have exhausted all possibilities. As a matter of fact, not only things are not working, but people seem to not be working in your favor that you thought had your best interest.  You may have some friends, family, those in your network that you depended on that have totally turned their back on you and let you down; at least that what it seems. When you have made the decision to position yourself spiritually for your  best life, you will find changes happening that are great and some that seem pretty bad. It’s a very hurtful feeling to feel that others have walked away from you during your time of need. It’s also frustrating that your hard work seems to not be working on your behalf. If that’s you, you’re in the best place for your promise to work for you.  You are in your place of “tiredness”, mind, body and soul.  When you are looking for your destiny space, all the control cannot be and won’t be on your plate.  Obviously, your change cannot come doing the same thing that you have done in the past.  Even your network or circles of those around you have to change to allow what and who needs to be in your life for growth and change. When those moments come, you’ll know it. At that time, you will need to have your heart and mind open for what appears to be something new. Being able to walk in and discover your destiny takes your embracing change, being able to forgive, preparation with instruction, guidance/coaching. The main key would be holding on to what you know is true for you.  Expect change and expect God’s best for your life!  Here’s to your destiny; Mind, Body and Soul.   Love and Blessings!  Dr. Karen