My Space In Life

There are some things that happen that make us go hmmmm, what we do with what happens will make God say yes! I am inspired today that like everything we’ve made it through, this too will pass through our lives with great victories and testimonials of life hope and dreams. I’d like to share with you, the reader today, that there is life after what seems to take you to your lowest in life. There was a time that I would look at things and question spiritually did I do something wrong?  If I did, I actually knew it, but during these times I never received answers that I looked for.  I wanted to hear that maybe I was a really bad person, even though I was not. I wanted to understand that I was chosen to be one that my life just would not be happy. That would make better sense. The truth in the matter was that there are now people all over the world who needed and will need to hear about my life, see my changes and understand God and faith in action. Allowing your spiritual lessons, your space in life and your attitudes of growth to come forth is the way we pull on each other’s energy. I may have had some very unhappy days, times I never understood why me, even times that I wanted to give up. How many times have we all just threw in the spiritual towel and said no more! And guess who is still here; us! Take time today to begin to journal your life. See what came to strengthen you as you fought for what was true and what is your life. There is great success in your personal victories especially the days that you believed you could not make it to the other side and looked back and saw you did. In our lives, there are definite spiritual paths. They were predestined and looking for us to recognize them daily. Prayers, mediation, faith, hope and dreams are great ingredients to being aware of who we really are; inside then out. Be encouraged today that tomorrow has something greater in store. Celebrate and encourage yourself to begin living big and knowing your space of love, peace and inspiration.  Every Day you live is a 2nd Chance in Life!

This post is dedicated to my friend who is now my angel, Mr. Gary Field