Living In My 2nd Chances!

I have said for many years that my opportunity to live after years of addictions, heart aches and pain was my second chance. Then having two beautiful children to raise and become my joy in life, another. After I lived longer and saw more, good and bad, each day became my second chance. After losing my dad and good friends; each moment.

Our lives have been predestined for growth and expansion for the greater good of ourselves and others. Each moment changes something in our path. Not taking full advantage of each breath can mean that we miss so much. Have you ever thought about calling someone or sending a card over and over again? Then finding later that the person has become sick or even passed away without you being able to express what you felt? Have you wanted to plan a special project, develop a plan, start a community project and the next thing you know, its years later and someone else has done it. There are many reasons why we are side tracked and may not move towards our inner self; what we dream of. What our soul says to do. Procrastination, fear, old failures and disappointments. There is so much more!

Our creation purpose was to be fruitful and multiply in domination and leadership. Living below our soul’s occupation makes us feel less than who we are. We make the decision to compromise our lives in negative ways. Learning to live for your 2nd chances in every moment should be your personal goal and challenge. No matter how old you are, how many times you begin again; it’s your right to live! There are obvious changes you can make daily that are moving back toward your dreams which were a part of you from the beginning.

As you move toward your new year, start today with no regrets. Don’t wait to make false promises to others, make good with the person in the mirror. Take time to examine yourself, good and bad and work in those truths. Hug, love and appreciate those around you whenever you can. No, they may not show you what you give them, but part of your life’s mission is to give. So in the end of things; you can rest well with a free mind.

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The best is yet to come!

With love,

Dr. Karen