Learning To Let Go!

During my times of Coaching and Counseling, one of the key questions I ask during a client’s pre-screening or initial interview is, what is the hardest thing to let go?  Why when your time of healing or moving forward comes can you not just let go?  That is a question that I was asked many times regarding things that happened to me in my past that were still holding me back. I had help from spiritual mentors, counselors and ultimately within myself. Some of the answers I have received were so detailed.  Many people have become angry with me initially as if I were stealing something from them just asking the questions! Letting go to some or most of them meant that hiding was no longer an option.

Going into the New Year, I am sure most of us made what we call Resolutions.  I have found over the years, this word for most means something that is meant to be broken.  There is really no accountability in them or any real plans or a process for what you’ve attempted to resolve.  By definition, resolution means a firm decision to do or not to do something. For it to be “firm” and to see it manifest, there needs to be a process.  That process in itself takes setting real goals, seeking help many times, and being accountable to you.  Many times the possible failure of resolutions happen when a person sees that facing the challenge is a little deeper than just losing weight, quitting smoking and developing new relationships, less stress, and the big D, getting out of debt!  Just to name a few that we hear often.  To be able to handle any of these, there are steps that must be taken that require us to embrace the “process” to make it happen.  Part of the process is usually 9 out of 10 times something(s) that must be let go from your past that has affected your immediate future.  After which, you seek assistance, mentoring and information to begin to move forward which may take a little more than a year.

There is a level of honesty and also remembering that goes into this challenge.  When I get tears, anxiety, even anger with the answers, this is a sure sign that a person has begun to want change and real resolve to unwanted elements in their lives. Today, look at your list and check it twice. Do you have more to add or something to take off? Begin to journal your needs, secrets and desired outcomes to meet these goals for your life.   What must you do to have a successful and happier 2016 and let me ask you the question, Why Can’t YOU Let IT go?

In my upcoming 2nd Chance Living series and system tools, we will work on why I can’t let go?  I invite you to find out more and be a part of this. Feel free to contact me if you would like further coaching and information regarding the upcoming series. I’d love your comments and be sure to share with anyone you know.  Remember that you can’t expect new to show up, when the storage area is old.

Make every moment matter!

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