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Every month on the 1st and 15th, I share what I call “Dr. Karen’s Nuggets”.   They are emails that go out exclusively to those who have been a part of my events and/or asked to be a part of my mailing list. Every topic has sparked many comments that have been very encouraging, inspiring and motivation for me to continue to offer words to feed the spirit and the mind for change. My latest, “Key Of Forgiveness” is truly one that sparked a storm of emotions and conversations for change, truth and release of the past to move into the present. I made the decision to share this particular topic with you through this platform. I’d love for you to send your comments. If you desire to move forward and learn how to begin living in your 2nd Chance, feel free to contact me via email to join my list and receive special information regarding future events!

Forgiveness is a major key to your next level of success.  Whether it be business, personal, social, it is necessary to have a spirit of forgiveness to illuminate love and attract what you want to receive.  Good health, happiness, joy and support.  You may say Dr. Karen, why should I forgive someone who has wronged me, hurt me, let me down, and shown no support?  Seemingly crushed my world?  I say to you, it is a major key to unlock our destiny that has been ordained before time.

Forgiveness is a key that spiritually releases our future, heals our heart and moves us forward.  The act is to first forgive yourself of what has been done because of “it”.  We tend to always want to blame and look at others from our past.  But because of the pain, there can be harbored anger, sadness, even depression.  This emotional pain and sicknesses can cause us now to demonstrate our lives to others someone that does not really exists.  Some people don’t really know us when we carry these illnesses inside.

Work today to seek forgiveness of self.  You may never see the person that hurt you again in your lifetime. Or, they may never know why you are hurting inside or how “it” affected you. I am defiantly not giving them a pass, but we will find that someone can never give you the goodness that they never had. Make the effort to be your best self. If you forgive someone of what has been done to you, God promises he will forgive you and bless you big!  Nothing and no one is worth not seeing your dreams manifested and your life make impact.  No matter what, always remember that you were created for a reason bigger than you!  Be able to live in that awesomeness and reflect on the outside someone that is healthy, whole and ready to take on the world through the power of forgiveness.
From my heart to yours,
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