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I recently asked my family to write articles about the things that most matter to them. I believe that exposed passion and purpose is very important to our lives and make a major contribution to the world because it is destiny.  This blog post is offered by the eldest of my two sons, Charles Dancer.  I am very proud of his accomplishments, his dedication to his community and the impact he is still to have on the world. Congratulations to Charles and to all men and women in this organization that is working together to save the lives of children.
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There is no such thing as a completely selfless act. A somewhat odd way to start a short bit about my thoughts on community outreach and volunteering, I know. But that is the hard truth, one of many in life. Everything we do is at least for a moment processed in our thoughts, and everything that passes through our minds in correlation with action will lead to a selfish act.

I work with an international group that reaches out to children that are survivors of abuse. I am an empowerer. I help children not to fear the world that they live. None of us are paid for what we do, not monetarily. I keep my legal name and the names of those that are part of this organization secret. My name does not matter. My struggle does not matter. I don’t need to know the specific details of what that child went through. All I need to know is that the child is in fear and that child wants our help. The hard times in what we do are perhaps the hardest of some people’s lives. Seeing the fear, hearing about the hurt while supporting them in court, watching the child squeeze a teddy bear as they do so.

How do I empower? I help empower along with my brothers and sisters by lending our emotional and physical support. If I get a call at 5am or 3pm that one of the children feels unsafe I am willing to go to that child and support them, and I know the rest of my brothers and sisters are too. I will stand in the freezing rain for hours on end to protect with my physical presence if need be. I attempt (poorly) to do cartwheels or dance if that makes the child feel better. I am willing to take a bullet for that child, but just as important, I am willing to live for that child.

I am selfish. Nearly every time I mount my motorcycle to empower I am completely selfish. I feel like a knight saddling up his horse. As I slip my helmet on it may as well be the helmet of an ancient warrior. Riding down the freeway in formation with my brothers and sisters must have the same feeling as knights riding side by side into battle on horseback. My cut (leather vest) is my chest plate and the rumbling of Harleys are the stomping of hooves. People that I would have never have known now take their place in my list of most trusted and dependable people. The struggles of what we do (some listed in the previous paragraph) are outweighed by the good. Seeing a child come out of the house with a smile because they know they get to go on a motorcycle ride with the new members of their family. Watching them play in the front yard instead of in their bedroom because they know that they are protected. But most importantly, watching them become empowered. Seeing the children stand up and say I am not afraid.

Be proud of what you do. Be proud of those that do it with you. Be selfish.




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