Karen L. Donald, a name that is showing up and being spoken about by many around the globe.  Now as a Dr. of Spiritual Counseling, her territory as increased to provide motivation and inspiration to the world together!

She is a rising icon that has positioned herself within the business, professional coaching and faith based  and non profit communities.  When asked of her success, she says that being transparent in all areas of her life is used to help others.   She is working in a holistic environment, believing that wellness of the mind body and soul is the key to better living.

Her desire is to share with others topics she is passionate about.   Everyone cannot always attend a conference, tele-meetings or meet her face to face.  Dr. Karen wants to hear from everyone that shares her thoughts and have concerns or matters of the heart.

“Please share, comment and follow me as I work to offer options in life. Based upon my life journey, I have found out that life does not end during trauma and pain and also if you are alive, so are your dreams!”


Dr. Karen

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